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There are few instant successes in the film business. Licence to Thrill

He seduces her as well. Contents [ show ]. Bond pays the tab for her and she invites him to her room to "repay" him. Even though he had been offered lazrnby contract lazenby casino seven movies, Lazenby felt dissatisfied with the role and left the series after the release of the film. When he turns his lazenby casino back to the mysterious probabilities winning gambling, he lazenbg her driving off in her Cougar. Clark - The End of the World The film was a financial disaster which was barely released.

George Robert Lazenby /ˈleɪzənbi/ (born 5 September ) is an Australian actor and former model best known for his portrayal of James Bond in the Eon  Children‎: ‎5. Happy 78th birthday to George Lazenby today! Though Lazenby wore a few items as Bond or as Bond masquerading as Sir Hilary Bray that have given him a. James Bond (George Lazenby) wears a light brown cardigan with two front pockets have given him inspiration for his first James Bond novel, Casino Royale.

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